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a verb; the process of doing something with great expectations and not meeting any of them.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The '300' KATANT...........

There’s a very common saying among us: ‘when bachchu n money are involved, katant is inevitable.’ Especially when teja is the organizer. This was ‘the’ katant, when we finally decided to start this blog.

It was about 1 month ago, when on a Friday night, while playing CS(counter strike) my cell rang. It ws teja,

Teja: oye ek disc me party hai, chalega?

Me: Kab? Who else are going?

Teja: Tomorrow eve. All others are not interested, are you coming or nt?

Me: Arrre yaar tere ko B pe jana tha na!! (on mike;CS) ….. Han theek hai.

(Unaware of yet another KATANT, I agreed, while my next round in CS started.)

Teja: K, then u are in.

Me: Haan haan, now lemme play. Bye.

After about half an hour , I wnt 2 teja’s room. He told me about the party in detail. His friends in IP cllg were throwing fresher’s party in 'The Lizard Lounge' in South Ex. And the entrance fee was Rs.300, with unlimited booze and snacks!!

Considering the cheap entry fee, I encouraged d others to join us. Finally me, bacchu(the organizer), sahai, todu n madho decided to rock Saturday eve!!

So we had two parties to enjoy on sat night bcoz Sunday wz pranay's(gujju's) b’day....
and as usual we were to celebrate it the night b4 at his flat...(another KATANT story for TODU, will surely write about it l8r)

Chuchu n gujju stayed back, as they were planning fr gujju’s b’day party. And the rest of us, started getting ready for the party.

The freshers wz supposed to be from
2-5 pm...and it was already 3 when we started from our college!! It took us approx 1 hr to reach there. So it ws 4 in the evening, only 1 hr to go, still we were excited, excited about the party, the free booze, the snacks and most importantly the facchiyan!! ( 1st yr girls; except teja, rest others were single, and obviously ready to mingle :) ).

Now you can imagine how nicely the situation wz poised, high expectations and money on stake :) …………Stay connected to find out how the 'Holy Axe of KATANT' fell upon us dis time!!!

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

NSIT : The Night that followed......

fter the show finished at 10:30, we realized the last metro had left nd we hd no way to go back 2 noida...So try nd imagine our situation, 11pm, no transport, no place to crash nd stuck in Dwarka for the rest of the nite wid nothn to do!!

As it often happens with us, everybody knew what NOT to do, but nobody knew exactly what to do....So we decided to call up our friend "Ghattu Bhaiya"(who lives in vasant kunj), who ultimately ended up providing us with all our entertainment for the night....The conversation went something like this:-

Ghattu(picking up the phone after 3 calls) - "Hello.."
We - "Ghattu where r u??"
Ghattu - "Im busy, out with my dad"
We - "Hum tere ghar aa rahe hain"
Ghattu - "ok...How many??"
We - "7...we'll reach ur house in 15 mins, masti marenge raat bhar"
(At this point, Ghattu had almost lost his voice in shock and was now desperatly thinking of excuses)
Ghattu - "Umm...."
We - "Chal thanks, aa rahe hain"
Ghattu - "Wait, the house is locked.."
We - "No prob, we'll wait the way, you do have dinner ready rite??"
Ghattu - "Umm...."
We - "Gr8, thanks, almost reached your house,Bye"
Ghattu - "Wait!!..."

Of course,having acheived our purpose of scaring Ghattu we had hung up, and with some unexpected luck had arranged for a couple of autos....
With our luck picking up, somebody had the bright idea of spending the night in 'CUMSUM', a 24hr cafe cum resturant near Nizammudin.So with a little cash between the 7 of us, we set out to spend the next 6hrs of the night sitting in a resturant with only a pastry each...

Now words cannot describe how we managed to sit in one place for the whole night, too tired to roam about but too uncomfortable to sleep!!
Though the crowd was pretty rocking at first, but by 4:30-5, it also started to thin down...

Eventually the night was lost in a daze of stale cigarette smoke and a LOT of pj's involving ghattu.... Entire songs were made up dedicated to ghattu, which remain popular still [;)] ...

Everybody had tales to share and experiences to and by the time passed and as the first rays of the morning sun hit our dreary faces, we realized the night was over... looking around the table, i realized it was definetly one of the longest night of our lives, but it was also one of the most interesting ones [:)].....

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reaching the station...

3 more friends were on the trip with us
Shivam Tikko(Buddha)
Najeeb Muneem(Khwaza)
Ashesh Agarwal(Ghattu bhaiya)

The planning started a month before our final examination. Many other places came to our thought before the idea of going to Vaishno Devi was mutually nailed down. This was the only thing that we'd thought rest was all left RAM BHAROSE.
Just after the exams began we felt the need of reserving the train tickets and that's where our we experienced our first KATANT on a yet to begin trip. Every one was giving his shot to try arranging for tickets. It was then Sudhanshu(Chu chu) said "Abey policewalon ko 20RS de denge,seat mil jayegi". His theories(chu chu's theory we say) and ideas are always unconvincing. Finally Ghattu assured us that seats are confirmed which quite relieved us.
It was me,adi,sudhanshu and todu who left the hostel asking everyone we meet on our way to give money for the "prashad", but no one trusted us. Our image,everyone doubted. Shivam and Najeeb were to be picked on the way.
The train was to leave at 8:30 pm from NDLS. We hoped to reach there by 7:30. Now comes the KATANT that could have ruined the trip but the science of KATANT says " For Every left over KATANT you will undergo a more powerful KATANT", so we were spared from this KATANT. We left NOIDA excitedly only to find that there was no auto rickshaw ready to take us to the rly station. I wonder,unlike any other day when there are tens rickshaw ready to take you once you shout,what was so special that day, God knows. The fear of missing the train made us all down and the excitement suddenly began draining . After spending half an hour trying our skills to convince the driver by explaining our miserable state, only one autorikshaw was ready to take only 3(among 5) of us to the rly station. We decided to split up and meet at the platform.
Shivam and I waited there for sometime and decided to catch the auto by walking through the roadside, literally crying and yelling at every passing auto. The crying on a sudden turned to a smile when an auto was ready to take us to the station 15-20 min after three of them left us pitiable there.
Since it was a peak time for traffic we still feared missing our train. But we managed to reach the station just in time. We still had time so I went on to buy TIMEPASS. This was a great achievement in itself and gave us a reason to smile after going through all this mishap. But the worst was yet to come. Arriving at the station we were told that only 3 berths, out of 8,were confirmed. The science of KATANT proved itself. Thanks to Ghattu bhaiya and company, The HOLY AXE of KATANT once again fall upon us. Hopeless and helpless, we were preparing ourselves for the tough night ahead. This was going to be adventurous we thought.

Watch out for our adventurous night in train in the next post.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A gr8 philosopher once said "Anything that can go wrong, will"..........This statement can be applied to most of our experiences in college......i remember the first time we realized the full significance of these wz sumwher in jan'08 wen we decided to go to NSIT (an engg cllg in del) for its annual cultural fest...henceforth, to be known as the "NSIT KATANT"

I remembr it wz the frst time i had gone out with the rest of the it wz me(Sahai), eedy,chuchu, madho, pranay, todu nd bacchu...bacchu, as usual, had arranged for our KATANT by making the haphazard plan...The first KATANT wz of course in d college itself wen we got late....After finally leavin college an hour late, we arrived in dwarka(wher d cllg is locatd) at around 9:00 by metro....we hadnt had dinner, but as usual in those days, our expectations were huge...delicious, multi-cuisine food, an awsome crowd (according to bacchu) as well asa rocking performance by "Indian Ocean"...Now imagine our KATANT wen we walked in to find, literally, an empty football field with 3-4 chatwallas serving "food" and about 20 ppl (exactly 3 girls!!) standing around chatting!!

Unlike now when we have come to accept our fate, then we still had hopes of salvaging the night by enjoying the music performance....but as our readers should come to expect, we were in for another big KATANT!!By the time we finished our "dinner" and came near the stage, the band wz packing up!!!

After the show finished at 10:30, we realized the last metro had left nd we hd no way to go back 2 noida...So try nd imagine our situation, 11pm, no transport, no place to crash nd stuck in Dwarka for the rest of the nite wid nothn to do!!
To be finished later...........
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Vaishno Devi me KATANT

Expect nothing, Live frugally on surprise.
That's one thing I've (pardon We've) conditioned my life to. Not that I've been favored (no
one's not) ever since I was born but lately there's been so much hoo-haa that I question ARE
WE THE CHOSEN ONE??? Or are we just too bad at doing our homework(learning from our
experiences!!). But every time we got to learn/experience a different avtar of KATANT so the
question of doing our homework is completely ruled out. So the fact is its the karma, of seven
underprivileged guys, for which we can't do away without KATANT.

At times when we feel our
outing is going "UNKATANTABLE", it comes from nowhere smiling and saying "mujhse bach ke
kahan jaonge" and we're left with no choice but to accept that it is indeed our KATANT
now. Many times frustrating, provoking, arguing but the fact is that KATANT has always pulled
our face when we tattle about it. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy every incident posted here at

Watch out for KATANT on our trip to Vaishno Devi in the next post........
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